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As in any family-owned business, we owe our success to our fabulous customers, many of whom have been with us for more than two decades, and to our amazing production team. In fact, many of our faithful sewers have been with us for more than a decade, and our collective embroidery experience easily surpassed 50 years. From setting up the designs to monitoring stitch-for-stitch accuracy to Quality Control to shipping and delivery, our production team is the best in the business, and we are both proud and grateful to attract and retain such talent in our North American Embroidery production facility in Reno, Nevada.

Russ Goebel

Russ is the founder and the heart and soul of North American Embroidery. A fearless leader and creative powerhouse, at 76 years of age, we still have a hard time keeping up with him. Russ is a life-long entrepreneur who started his first company with winnings he made at the horse track. Russ’ roots are in advertising and publishing, and he was one of the first guys to successfully parlay desktop publishing into a global publishing business the early 1980s. Russ started North American Embroidery in Reno in 1989, when he purchased several state-of-the-art embroidery machines and helped pioneer new streamlined embroidery digitizing techniques. To get the business going, Russ hit the road with the love of his life of more than 50 years, his wife Marlene, as the company’s mobile sales force. Russ continues to be North American Embroidery’s top salesman, and in his “spare time,” he enjoys running his thriving bed & breakfast inn in British Columbia.

Rick Goebel
Vice President

As today’s public face of North American Embroidery, Rick spends most his time making sure customers are 100% satisfied with the overall purchasing experience, whether it’s for a single ballcap or a pallet of products for our corporate apparel contracts. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of North American Embroidery, Rick can be seen mopping the shop floor, trimming the plants around the storefront, and giving back to the community that has so blessed our business for more than two decades. Rick’s passion for technology is helping him guide North American Embroidery’s growth, harnessing new technologies and processes to make the North American Embroidery the purveyor of choice for embroidered goods across the continent.

Mark Shepersky
Production Manager & Art Director

Mark is recognized as one of the best embroidery digitizers in the industry, and he is an expert at working with even the most challenging embroidered designs so that they “work” in the real-world setting of putting needle and thread to a variety of fabrics and substrates. Mark also oversees all North American Embroidery production from start to finish, calmly solving the big day-to-day production challenges with his “cool-as-a-cucumber” demeanor and soothing manner.

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